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Nick Anderson

Director. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

Director/Screenwriter Nick Anderson has been telling stories-and later writing, illustrating, acting out, staging, and directing them-for almost as long as he has been alive and talking. He is especially passionate about telling stories that convey the power of individuals and ideas to transform their lives. After graduating from film school at Chapman University in 2006, he founded Bright Coast Productions, producing commercials, corporate videos, and music videos in the greater Sacramento area while working on original screenplay ideas on the side. In 2009, Nick had the opportunity to serve as the camera operator on The Last Crop, a feature length documentary about the survival of small family farms in this country. The experience inspired Nick to get back to his original passion for storytelling. Over the next few years he began building a team of collaborators.

The Bust, a 3-minute short film created for the RODE REEL competition, marked Nick's first return to narrative work since film school. The film was a finalist in multiple categories including Best Action, Best Comedy, and Cinematography. He then wrote and directed The Change, a longer, more ambitious short starring a talented cast of young actors. The Change has solidly established Nick Anderson as a strong voice and talented storyteller. Nick brings his creativity and unique ability to tell stories to every project he works on, big or small, and hopes to continue to share his work with the world through future endeavors.

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Sacrmamento short film called The Bust
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